Whose certificate is it?

Fake Certificate

Staff Reporter: Mechanical Supervisor of Dhaka Aviation Depot of Padma Oil Company Ltd. Md. Jainal Abedin Sikder has been accused of forging his secondary school certificate.

According to the information, the school certificate submitted by Md Jainal Abedin Sikder while joining the service in Padma Oil Company Limited is another person’s certificate.

Md Jainal Abedin Sikder participated in Secondary School Certificate Examination from Siddheswari Boys High School and passed the examination in 1981. His name on the certificate, Md. Jainal Abedin Sikder and his father’s name Md. Aptab Uddin are mentioned. But according to the complaint, the person named in the certificate and the mechanical supervisor of the airport depot Jainal Abedin Sikder are two different people.

In order to verify the truth of the complaint, Siddheshwari Boys’ High School was searched. Registration No. 4625/1979 Roll No. Dhaka 601 Name: Md. Jainal Abedin Sikder Father: Md. Aptab Uddin, Certificate Available. But as there is no picture on the certificate, it cannot be confirmed who the certificate is originally from.

A school official, who did not wish to be named, said that they too have doubts about the certificate.

However, according to the information, the person currently working in Padma Oil Company Limited with this certificate and the original certificate is not the same person.


National Identity Card of Md Jainal Abedin Sikder

Even with this certificate, Md Jainal Abedin Sikder registered National Identity Card No. 2611038776478. Wherein his present address is mentioned as 123 Naddapara, Dakshin Khan, Dhaka.

Going to the present address physically, it is seen that he has built a 5-story house called ‘Deep Mahal’. He built this house in 2007. When he could not be found at home, his son Deep spoke to this reporter.

Deep said that as far as he knows there is some age issue in his father’s certificate and employment information. It is hidden by his father to obtain the job.

At Deep’s words, the snake came out to dig up the cat. If the question arises, Md. Jainal Abedin Sikdar has also falsified his age while joining the service!!

When Deep asks if his father passed the secondary school examination from Siddheshwari Boys high school, he hesitates. Later, he strongly requested not to broadcast the news.

Md Jainal Abedin Sikder’s son Deep

It is known according to sources, Md. Jainal Abedin Sikder is a resident of the Shariatpur district. He was in the Shariatpur district when he passed the secondary school examination from Dhaka.

In this regard, General Manager of the Human Resources and Administration Department of Padma Oil Company Limited. When Shahidul Alam was contacted on the phone, he said to Beaconbangla24.com that there are restrictions on giving comments on the phone. Directly went to his Chittagong office and asked to speak to him.


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