Winning the EB Teacher Best Research Publication Award in Australia


News Desk: Mr. Rafiqul Islam (Azam), Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Islamic University, has been honored with the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Australasia (CITAC-AU) Best Research Publication Award-2021.

His research paper was presented at the CITAC-AU conference held in Melbourne, Australia from 30 August to 2 September. Where the study won the Best Research-2021 award.

Rafiqul Islam is a Ph.D. researcher at the School of Environmental and Life Sciences, The University of Newcastle, Australia. The subject of his research is “Hormonal compounds and their adverse effects on marine and estuary aquatic life”.

In his recent research, he showed how hormones interfere with the production of essential elements/metabolites (such as lipids, amino acids, carbohydrates, intermediate elements in the cycle of tricarboxylic acids) and energy (ATP) in rock oysters, which affect adults and their offspring. The idea is being said.

His research was previously published in the prestigious journal Aquatic Toxicology, Elsevier Aquatic Toxicology. Congratulations to him and all the researchers, including the guardians of his research in Australia, as a Bengali scientist and educator.


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